What are your holiday plans?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I'm hoping to make some special holiday earrings in the next few weeks, it is that time of year again. A friend of mine who owns Cowgirls Cookin' always starts her recipes with "4 ounces of wine for the cook." So I try to end my creative processes with that same celebration! It doesn't work too well to be using torches, hammers and wine at the same time... There might have been a learning curve in that statement. While obvious to most, not to all...

Thanksgiving is my families favorite holiday. The simple act of being together, sharing friendship, food and libations is pretty wonderful. We are all being so mindful about staying well so that our holiday celebration can occur this year. Being with my husband, son,

daugher in law and granddog is pretty great anytime of the year.

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