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About Me

I love nothing better then hunting at hardware stores, garage sales, auctions, bead storage, trying  to find unusual materials that can be used in a different way than was intended. Buttons, drawer pulls, coins, pottery, beads, car parts, keys, bullet casings, rocks, recycled copper, this is Nirvana for someone who likes to scrounge for the unusual! It's exciting to find an unusual piece to incorporate. 

I began making jewelry after 27 years of teaching special education. I've always dabbled in a multitude of handcrafts but never had the gift of time to develop a passion for making jewelry... until I retired.


Making jewelry satisfies my soul like nothing else, other then a good glass of wine. 


It all began with a beading class, walking into the beading store was the beginning of my journey. It was and continues to be visually stimulating. 


The process of  fabricating a new piece starts out with a vague idea that develops during the process of experimentation with a variety of colors and textures. The design evolves.  It is an ongoing journey of exploration and creativity. Who knows where it will lead!


The ability to learn new skills suits my eclectic and curious nature. It is deeply satisfying to create objects with my own hands. And to see someone wearing a piece of my jewelry is joyous!


I'm looking forward to adding more metal smithing pieces with silver, copper and brass to create pendants, bracelets and earrings.  Enhancing these pieces with texture and patina is such fun!  I'm also developing skills with torch and kiln fired copper enamel.

I have been fortunate to attend the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show to find unique parts and pieces. In addition, I've taken classes at The Gem Show, Tacoma Metal Arts, Rings and Things, and had one-on-one Instruction with a local silversmith, which keeps me going back into the studio with a renewed zeal! 

Robin Working
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