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Seasonal Changes

After a pretty great winter in the southwest enjoying the winter warmth (for the most part) and the Sonoran Desert we are back in the Pacific Northwest. Our winters are pretty lovely but Spokane is home... its so nice to be surrounded by green grass, trees and deciduous trees. As time passes and I return to the desert at the end of this year I will relish the saguaro cactus, it's always a celebration to spot the first one on our drive to Arizona. We have the best of both worlds.

I have more jewelry design and technique support within my Arizona community which is very rewarding and affirming. I hope to make some jewelry connections in the PNW. There is a silversmith studio in the Arizona community so there are always people to learn from or share techniques that i use.

My inspiration recently has been a beach theme. I am born and raised in Florida returning shortly for the first time in 2.5 years. I can hardly contain my excitement to see my family, friends and the Atlantic Ocean. The humidity might be an adjustment but hopefully there will always be a body of water nearby to cool off.

I hope that summer offers each of us time to slow down and enjoy a few lazy days of summer.

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