Argentium Silver Ocean Wave Necklace - All About the Water!

Custom Commission - You can take a girl away from the ocean but her heart remains!

I was comissioned to make a beautiful wave patterned necklace out of argentium silver. The design plate is made by Roberta Pihl of Oregon Trail Silver.

I am a native of Daytona Beach, Florida transplanted to Spokane, Washington. I love the ocean, the waves, the sand on the Florida beaches and the sound of the water. Anytime I create a jewelry with this inspiration it makes me incredibly happy!

The patina is liver of sulphur with just a tad of ammonia added which gives more color and dimension.

Paired with a gorgeous necklace bail and an adjustable sterling silver chain. The Wave Necklace is in the mail and on the way to it's new home to a friend in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Images coming soon!

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