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Robin Kahn is a retired Special Education Teacher from Spokane, Washington. What was once only her hobby and a creative outlet has now become Designs by RobinK.

These handcrafted jewelry designs in copper, enamel, metal fold forming and embossed sterling have been featured in events and art festivals from coast to coast and are available here as unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Made with joy, beauty and maybe a glass of wine!


New Featured Galleries & Upcoming Events

Designs by RobinK is excited to announce a new collection featured in the gift shop at Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch in Tucson, AZ. For more info visit

A unique collection is also showing at Wilde Meyer Gallery in Tucson, AZ,, and the Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour at Jill Smith's Studio at 15221 N Shady Slope Road, Spokane WA,

An exclusive Designs by RobinK Collection is now featured in the one and only Petroglyphys, a Tuscon Emporium, New pieces are also going to the May 15 and July 31 Artisan Markets at Commelini's in Spokane,


A new collection of Designs by RobinK jewelry is now available at the Element of Joseph gallery in Joseph, Oregon and unique pieces are still available at the esteemed Confluence Art Gallery in Twisp, Washington. Shop these collections and learn more at and