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This linked hummingbird bracelet was created by using 20 gauge recycled copper. Each piece was handcut, drilled and filed before patterned.  Next the metal was "annealed" which means heated with a torch until bright red then quenched in water to cool.  This softens the metal so it is more receptive to the patterning process.  A steel design plate was used to pattern each bracelet piece with hummingbirds and bits of flora.  All handcrafted.  A patina is applied which adds color and contrast to the copper.  A sealer was applied for durability.

The linked bracelet has a lobster clasp and measures 7".  Additional links can be added if additional length is desired.

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves unique, handcrafted jewelry.


Hummingbird earrings in copper are also available in the earring section of my website. 

Hummingbird Bracelet - Copper

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